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Time to make some coin again ..

1st Entry: Day1-3
So the money well has dried out and I’m out to seek my riches. So I figure i’ll hit up the adventures guild they gotta know how to make some money. I get there and there are these 2 kids in what looks like their grandparents armor; with what looked like a nobleman, and then there is this commanding “commander guy”. (never did get his name) Well so we journey off into the sunset in all that jazz, “off to adventure, goo team, blah blah..” We end up seeing a dragon fly over head and then the noble dude notices some goblins try to ambush us. I was listening to our commanding commander and keeping my eyes on the field. Then while noble and twiddle-dee and tweedle-dum engage with the goblins Capt. commando and I try spot where that dragon ran to, realize he’s headed back my way i start engage goblins too. needless to say i was way to much for those goblins to handle. One of them fled and decided he needed back up, so we figured it wouldn’t be safe to sleep there tonight we decided to push through the night.
Around dawn we decided we’d make camp, me and Noble dood took first watch, i finally learned his name although i can’t seem to remember it right now … lord Godfrey idk something like that anyways we chatted talked about the order a bit flashed his pendant and then we got interrupted (not before i could score 10 gold of off nobledood ill be hanging out with him again pho sho) by some little yelloweyed dudes and a grumpy half orc, a mouthy crossbow weilder, and clever punk with a aptitude for knife handling. Soooooo, words, they happen, then Oh Captain Comandypants challenges the fast-talking x-bow toting smug guy to a duel. that goes down this punk ass knife jockey decides he doesn’t like the way my robe looks on my back or something decides to stick dagger in my back; just then I start to notice a whole bunch of goblins are about to close in on us, I decide to run and duck for cover i proceed to hide and try and bandage up my wounds. i hear a loud landslide happen (how on earth that was caused I still haven’t a clue) and i poke my head out to survey the battle. Capt. not-so-commanding is quite dead. Smirky McSmugface looks like a pin cushion, and Mr.Knife-you-in-the-back is looking like he’s getting ready to knock on that same door. Dat half-orc doe, he can fight! Realizing i can’t do anymore with my bandages for my wounds I step out from behind the rock and alas … they all flee before my might!
So i decided to search the bodies for that PHAT LOOTZ and found a measly 16 copper. Pathetic. Then to top it off Grumpy McOrcsauce wouldn’t let me loot the dead Capt. or Smugface, or Knifebut. Sheeeeiiit he wouldn’t even let me see if Tweddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum had any coin on them, and on top of that he decided to sleep right freakin next to the buried bodies like he freakin knew i was gonna do something … lousy prick.
Oh well Im nearly rested up. Decided i wanna keep going on this expedition, more so now that Captain Grubmuncher is dead we don’t need to bring all the profits back with him, we can take it for ourselves. (oh yeah cha ching!)

Dat Tower

Day 4
So we head up to this ruined tower that we are supposed to be checking out for riches and glory and all dat. it seems like nobodys been here for a while first since its all dark, so I gonna looking for a torch or light source. after rummaging around for a while I find a glowing stick wedged in-between the two pieces of green glassey stuff. Score! I head back to the rest of the group and chuck it into the darkness and low and behold I see another goblin. I must show him who’s the boss so I charge at him easily displaying that he is but an ant beneath my shoe. So we decide to explore more of this abandoned tower. we find a couple more goblins, dispatch of them. Lord Douchebag starts to get on my nerves while we are in this stuffy underground corridor decides to start smoking some pungent crap, I make mention that it’s not the best thing to do down here underground and all with not an overabundance of fresh air and all. He then proceeds to blow smoke right in my face … oooh the nerve of this guy!
We’ll see who has the last laugh. Now that I have been blinded by this smoke I can’t see so clearly and I “accidentally” trip him while stepping into the next room. Of course the the honest and noble person that I am shows when I quickly try and help him up, I feel him try and inspire me with weird magics, it doesn’t work but at least I think he sees the folly of his ways.
We make it a bit further in and then we have made a break through with the half-orc. Apparently he’s not as dumb as I thought he was, he can understand us he just can’t talk.
that makes things a bit easier as we continue moving forward. We get to a room where the group starts crowding this door then, i think some spells start going off because Lord Smoker starts running away shortly followed by (Pun intended) the Mz. Feonia(sp?) Something must have spooked them. then the door opens and this robot dude is there with a pretty mean looking axe. i feel some Magics grasp at my trying to make me afraid too. “Ha! I laugh in the face of danger, You can’t scare me.” I say as i brush my shoulders off. Im pretty sure its the strangely dressed goblin in the other room thats casting the spells. Then he hits me with a spell that makes me real big. Which is AWESOME! So now that I’m a giant badass I decide to go give this robot punk a piece of my claws! Well needless to say my badassness was just to great for him, he and his goblin buddy had to team up on me. Of course I counted on this knowing Orcsauce would go all hammertime on them. So everything worked out. then not only did Orcsauce McHammertime then heal me he gave me 16 GOLD!!! SCORE!!! FUCK YEAH!! This dude is ALMOST, ALMOOOOST, as cool as somebody close to as cool as me. Either way I like him way better than Lord Smokeypants at this point. Whelp, gonna rest up and then continue the adventure, Laterzzzzzzzz!

I know you can hear me.

Lord FearonWhy do you ignore me? This is in our mutual best interest. You know that. I have not given up. I cannot be ignored forever. My destiny is written in blood. Your past and future are written in blood. Can’t you see we walk the same path? Violent, yet restrained. Bringing order out of chaos. Peace through power. Disintegrate this body and reform it particle by particle until I am reborn. Your corrosive touch heals me. Feeds me. Nurtures me until my rebirth. My life for the Undying Dragon. My soul to the highest bidder.

What happened to the plan?

Lord FearonThis group is strange. During our travels I have befriended a half-orc named Merc. He has a very kind heart, and loves his friends openly. He offered me a hug recently. I was internally reluctant to accept, however, he has won me over with his ability to be himself without denying me what I seek. A good ally to have. I don’t know what he or any of the others know of my plan.
My attempts at bravado are met with the opposite of the intended reaction. Perhaps there is more to persuasion than volume, although there is a time and a place for everything. If anyone suspects me, they aren’t showing it.

Crowley thinks he is sneaky, but I know what he has been doing. Ever since the beginning he has been assessing us from afar, always out of danger. He is either a coward, or he has his own plans. I will attempt to befriend him again. So far he has avoided any situation that might lead to an open dialogue. I often wonder what kind of life he has led. His desire for gold is not uncommon, however, how could one spend so much time trying to accumulate wealth, yet dress in rags? Perhaps the money is for some higher cause. Or perhaps he is indebted to another. He doesn’t seem to be very strong, but I would be a fool to assume him weak.

Fenra is a valuable ally to have around. She is the most deadly halfling I have ever met. I feel a strange loyalty, as though she were my sister. Perhaps it is her devotion to the group, regardless of our previous interactions. When that lecherous halfling made his poor attempt to woo her, my hand wandered dangerously close to the dagger at my waist.

The desire to kill is so strong. Direct confrontation is not my style. I need to grow stronger and let others do my bidding. Just a little bit longer. Soon there will be enough vessels to create my utopia.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Alas, Sheila, we barely knew ye. Guard this place until I return for you. Your services will still be required.

83rd d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA
A lucky find

The hand follows. New eyes. New blood. Nairemun awaits sentence. Look behind. Act.

84th d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA
Toe the line

Victory. Eyes align on genesis. Arcana flows. Beasts ride. Look behind. Act.


The wizard has fallen beneath the sheer strength and determination of this group. I tried to stand toe to toe with Klarkosh, but I was nearly killed by that damned wizard. If it wasn’t me it would have been somebody else. I am simply glad it is over. The secrets of this tower will reveal themselves to me in time. I know that my actions will be well worth the effort when I bring home the trophies of war. The deed itself is likely incomplete. I must become stronger if I am to maintain my grasp on this tower.

109th d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA

Ears around. Look behind. Listen. Traitors whisper. Hammer falls. Act.


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