The Emerald Continent

Everything just started moving so fast.

Just a few days ago I was wrapping up a gig, and now I’m in an emerald tower that seems to act as some sort of nexus between planes. I don’t really understand the specifics, but I can grasp the concept. Not long after I entered the tower, I was transported to another world along with a stange halfling named Chillbo Baggins. We discussed the predicament we were in and he was able to fill me in. It seems popping between worlds is a common occurrence within the spire.

He also offered me some magical smoking weed. I have become much stronger since consuming the plant. It truly is wonderful, although potentially dangerous. Not long after, I was returned to the spire where I found a place to rest for the night. I awoke from my slumber to find a hooded figure standing in front of me. They turned out to be my contact inside the tower, and eventually directed me toward the rest of the group.

All magic items outside the tower no longer function, save a few. I got here just in time.

I discovered the group, at long last. They seemed a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand. The plants were fierce, yet in the end we overcame the odds and brought home the gold!

This is how it ends.

Not with a knife in the back, or some upstart heroes coming to rid the world of my evil. I’m going out in a raging inferno. At least I’ll be ready for the fires of Hell. I have lived mightily and traveled with some of the strongest people this world will ever know. I have slain dragons and won the favor of the gods. My only regret is that I never saw the end of the path. Now my soul awaits whatever torment that Xo has in store for me. I have prepared for this moment by living my life in a way that would please this chaotic deity. Will I crawl on my belly in the filth, serving as a footstool, or will I lead extraplanar forces in glorious combat? Perhaps Xo has something specific in mind. The thoughts are fleeting as I feel the world slipping away. I don’t want to die, but a part of me feels that this is just the beginning.

I'm a complicated man.

The Order. Peh! They don’t know the wonders I have seen! Other worlds filled with people and places to see. Magical treasure sold in plain view! I never had the courage to become an apostate. I probably couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to. My family was too well known for me to become a vagabond. They would have caught me eventually and then had me confined to my estate. This was not a simple act of rebellion, this was rebellion. I will return in force and wage war against the Order.

Somehow, we're still alive.

It took a few days, but I managed to bring the others to safety. That dragon bitch will die. If not soon, then some day. I will not fall under that spell again. I hope the rest of the group is as mad as I am. Luckily, we still have our supplies. I think we should wait until everyone is fully healed before braving the desert heat on foot.

109th d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA

Ears around. Look behind. Listen. Traitors whisper. Hammer falls. Act.


The wizard has fallen beneath the sheer strength and determination of this group. I tried to stand toe to toe with Klarkosh, but I was nearly killed by that damned wizard. If it wasn’t me it would have been somebody else. I am simply glad it is over. The secrets of this tower will reveal themselves to me in time. I know that my actions will be well worth the effort when I bring home the trophies of war. The deed itself is likely incomplete. I must become stronger if I am to maintain my grasp on this tower.

84th d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA
Toe the line

Victory. Eyes align on genesis. Arcana flows. Beasts ride. Look behind. Act.

83rd d. Year of The Obsidian Flame. 900th SA
A lucky find

The hand follows. New eyes. New blood. Nairemun awaits sentence. Look behind. Act.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Alas, Sheila, we barely knew ye. Guard this place until I return for you. Your services will still be required.

What happened to the plan?

Lord FearonThis group is strange. During our travels I have befriended a half-orc named Merc. He has a very kind heart, and loves his friends openly. He offered me a hug recently. I was internally reluctant to accept, however, he has won me over with his ability to be himself without denying me what I seek. A good ally to have. I don’t know what he or any of the others know of my plan.
My attempts at bravado are met with the opposite of the intended reaction. Perhaps there is more to persuasion than volume, although there is a time and a place for everything. If anyone suspects me, they aren’t showing it.

Crowley thinks he is sneaky, but I know what he has been doing. Ever since the beginning he has been assessing us from afar, always out of danger. He is either a coward, or he has his own plans. I will attempt to befriend him again. So far he has avoided any situation that might lead to an open dialogue. I often wonder what kind of life he has led. His desire for gold is not uncommon, however, how could one spend so much time trying to accumulate wealth, yet dress in rags? Perhaps the money is for some higher cause. Or perhaps he is indebted to another. He doesn’t seem to be very strong, but I would be a fool to assume him weak.

Fenra is a valuable ally to have around. She is the most deadly halfling I have ever met. I feel a strange loyalty, as though she were my sister. Perhaps it is her devotion to the group, regardless of our previous interactions. When that lecherous halfling made his poor attempt to woo her, my hand wandered dangerously close to the dagger at my waist.

The desire to kill is so strong. Direct confrontation is not my style. I need to grow stronger and let others do my bidding. Just a little bit longer. Soon there will be enough vessels to create my utopia.


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