The Emerald Continent

"Unopened Tome"

Journal of Six

So I received a letter from a mysterious Unopened Tome, telling me of knowledge to be had, I have to say it peeks my curiosity. What kinda name is that anyways?? So I made my way to the place where I was meant to meet this person, where I encountered a Tom of the Gorgans, he sure was a boisterous fellow. we were supposed to engage in a friendly scuffle but a little white haired Gnome decided he didn’t like “violence” and wouldn’t allow it :/ oh well perhaps another time. after some time I was brought to meet this Unopened Tome guy and the white haired gnome and a halfling were brought along too. I learned their names to be Doc and Fenrya. so this Unopened Tome appears to be a giant man who seems to have a penchant for the finer things in life. He claims to be the rightful king of this city and wants to hire us to bring him the one who is contesting his crown. I have a feeling there is more to this yet, he seem to be testing our abilitys or actions for what reason i don’t yet know. I agree to his request since it seems like it will bring or at least keep the peace in this city, plus I am curious of the knowledge this man has to offer. Upon leaving his abode we start to make our way to where this other Kings lair is said to be. then there is an air piercing scream of pain and distress, I quickly follow the sound only to find a lifeless body gruesomely murdered and hear evil laughter in the distance. Townspeople gather around and they start to murmur “It’s the Night King” another king in the mix apparently. I start to wonder if the “king” we are after is this “Night king” another murder happens as we try and track the culprit down. An alarm is raised in the city and one of the city guard at one the bell towers is also murdered. after about a half hour or so the panic and death seems to stop. I was able to enquire with some townsfolk about this “Night King” and apparently he hasn’t been around in a while but when he comes he kills brutally for a half an hour then disappears for a week.. no one seems to actually know anything about this “Night King” So we decide to continue our mission in hopes that we’ll encounter the Night King in the bottom of this keep we are headed to. after some debate on how to proceed, I scouted and entry point and tell Doc and Fenrya it appears to be clear so we proceed there is we head down some stairs to a room in which looks like its previous occupants have hastily retreated from. there are cards and gold strewn about. Fenrya seems to REALLY fancy gold as without skipping a beat she immediately goes for the gold. We find some notes that seem to be written by the boss it shows detail of his activities and dealings to include blackmail and bribes and protection payment historys. after collect all there is we continue on and luckily Doc has an eye for the arcane and is able to spot some magical traps. After some trial and error and a bit of pain and suffering and a small tumble we manage to make it through. I was thankful Doc also seems to dabble in the divine magics for he was able to heal our maladies. Alas we made it to where the “King” he is a crippled man who after hearing his story claimed he is just trying to provide for his family and while some of his actions certainly lead to evil he seems to think he is doing it for the greater good. I’m thinking perhaps we are doing the dirty work for the wrong guy here however I not about to break my word so we agree to take this man to his wife and afterwords we will go and confront Mr. Unopened Tome and get to the bottom of this. I will not allow this Unopened Tome guy to kill or harm this crippled man however we have documentation of his acts and if we need to the city guard ought to be able enough to handle it.



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