The Emerald Continent

This is how it ends.

Not with a knife in the back, or some upstart heroes coming to rid the world of my evil. I’m going out in a raging inferno. At least I’ll be ready for the fires of Hell. I have lived mightily and traveled with some of the strongest people this world will ever know. I have slain dragons and won the favor of the gods. My only regret is that I never saw the end of the path. Now my soul awaits whatever torment that Xo has in store for me. I have prepared for this moment by living my life in a way that would please this chaotic deity. Will I crawl on my belly in the filth, serving as a footstool, or will I lead extraplanar forces in glorious combat? Perhaps Xo has something specific in mind. The thoughts are fleeting as I feel the world slipping away. I don’t want to die, but a part of me feels that this is just the beginning.



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