The Emerald Continent

Everything just started moving so fast.

Just a few days ago I was wrapping up a gig, and now I’m in an emerald tower that seems to act as some sort of nexus between planes. I don’t really understand the specifics, but I can grasp the concept. Not long after I entered the tower, I was transported to another world along with a stange halfling named Chillbo Baggins. We discussed the predicament we were in and he was able to fill me in. It seems popping between worlds is a common occurrence within the spire.

He also offered me some magical smoking weed. I have become much stronger since consuming the plant. It truly is wonderful, although potentially dangerous. Not long after, I was returned to the spire where I found a place to rest for the night. I awoke from my slumber to find a hooded figure standing in front of me. They turned out to be my contact inside the tower, and eventually directed me toward the rest of the group.

All magic items outside the tower no longer function, save a few. I got here just in time.

I discovered the group, at long last. They seemed a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand. The plants were fierce, yet in the end we overcame the odds and brought home the gold!



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